Graure Teens

A lot of teenagers aren’t sure what to do in front of the camera, and they often freeze out of being a little insecure…who of us can’t remember being that way at such an impressionable age? Well, these siblings loosened up right away and had no trouble at all just being themselves in front of the camera. Thanks for a great time with both of you…and your dog.:)

Fun with the Knarr Family in PA

With four energetic kids, there are no dull moments, no pauses or asking for something to be repeated. It has to be captured when it happens for the emotion to be truly seen and the story told…just as it happened. What a great afternoon we all had on this blustery day at their home in PA. It’s great to connect with new families and be able to help them create memories that will last a lifetime and more!


Fabulous Fall Wedding: Nicole + Mike

One of the things I love the most about being a wedding photographer is that I get to have so much fun with my couples, families and friends on the wedding day. Sure, I make certain to capture all the moments that tell the story of their lives joining together on a magical day, but there’s also so much fun to be had. For me, that fun is all about seeing the immense joy and excitement that comes over the faces of a bride and groom as they take a step to become one. Everyone is there to celebrate THEM! Watching it all first hand is even better than trying to get in the middle of it all….besides, it’s NOT MY day.:)Nicole and Mike, I know that for both of you, your wedding day was not just a day of formalities. I see how crazy you are about each other (and PJ), and it brings such joy to see that love lived out. Other people are infected by your love, and it’s clearly evident. Thank you so much for inviting me to not just be your photographer but to also enjoy the excitement and fun on your wedding day!!

Couple in Love – Marcy + Brian

Normally I meet couples who are planning to get married, but I was just as excited to meet these two who are already married. They are friends with a couple whose wedding I had the opportunity to photograph last fall. Marcy and Brian, you guys were naturals from the start of our time and went with the flow so well….especially Brian – didn’t intentionally subject you to getting that many mosquito bites.:)I did, however, intentionally leave those shots out of this album. Haha. I enjoyed spending such a great afternoon with both of you and look forward to the next time…the mosquito repellant will be in my camera bag then. 😉

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