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Graure Teens

A lot of teenagers aren’t sure what to do in front of the camera, and they often freeze out of being a little insecure…who of us can’t remember being that way at such an impressionable age? Well, these siblings loosened up right away and had no trouble at all just being themselves in front of […]

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Ian’s Black Belt Testing – Master Kim’s Talium – Wantage, NJ

True physical and mental toughness are usually qualities/characteristics that are one begins to develop in the later teen years…not so with Ian! As a “boy” in middle school, he has and continues to prove just what a real young man he has already become. His wonderful parents will attest to this, I can guarantee. His […]

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M + J Fashion/Modeling Senior Session

It’s such an amazing feeling when a photographer and “subject(s)” just seem to flow together as if this sort of session happens every day. Margaret and Jenny were no exception to this ideal. Being the best of friends and sharing a mutual passion for photography, they fed off of each other and only made our […]

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Sweet Sisters from Wyckoff, NJ

These two sisters have a lot going for them: their sweet personalities stand out, but beneath the surface lie two competitive athletes that have a passion for life and the sport that they love. I’m sure they have sisterly spats every now and then, but what really impressed me most with these two was their […]

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A Toddler and 2 Teens

Spunky toddlers and athletic teenagers are right up my alley for a photo session, so I had an absolute blast with these kids. The boys had their own version of the playground that Teresa had so much fun on at different points during our time together. So glad I got to spend a great afternoon […]

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